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Color, An Artist's Tale:

Paintings by Virmarie DePoyster

October 28, 2014 - February 15, 2015

Organized by the Arkansas Arts Center

Writers use words to set a mood, describe and illustrate. As a visual artist, color is my silent narrative. Without words, the slightest color I observe holds information, molds my human experience and translates into my work. Daily, I am intrigued by the black red in the coffee beans that starts my morning, the hot pink lines in my lettuce leaves, and the brilliant blue and gold in my daughter’s eyes as I tell her goodnight. Rather than seeing the dominant colors in life, it’s the hint of bold colors that catch my eye and heighten my human experience. Small amounts of green and purple in storm clouds speak of loss and abandonment, while bits of pink and orange in a sunset quietly whisper that happiness is a choice. Like a great story, color draws me into my surroundings, makes me linger and tells my story.

In these pastel works on paper, color is a technique, a tool, a language used to emphasize the meaning of my current human experience. Each piece begins with a design concept, a thoughtful selection of paper type and some surface preparation to produce an intended texture on final work. My process is intentional, yet flexible and expressive. The color combinations in each piece are carefully chosen to communicate an overall mood. With both spontaneous and strategic strokes of my pastel, I incorporate lines to create movement and show the oneness and awe I feel in experiencing the Arkansas landscape. These paintings, however diverse, are unified by abstracting the subject matter, manipulating shapes, and combining colors that evoke an emotional response. These works beckon the viewer’s eye toward a focal point revealing wistful longing for things past, deep appreciation for my rich heritage, and joy in my current surroundings.

Featured Works from the Exhibition







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